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Rahm got one thing right about the beast we’re dealing with; “it’s what we were taught when we were children.” Ronald Johnson, Laquan McDonald, Rekia Boyd, Cedrick Chatman, Howard Morgan, and so many more, all have the same thing in common; they were shot with clear conscious by white men who hate black people; the cop uniform is incidental. The only thing surprising about any of this is that people are surprised by it.

Long before dashboard cams, body cams, and the heavy proliferation of exterior video cams attached to urban gas stations and strip malls, long before the Internet, long before Jason Van Dyke, Servin, and other rouge cops, the Chicago Police Department and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office has been manipulating cop cases dating back to before the active days of Jon Burge. Most of these “cases” have never been rectified. In the days of the Afro-American Police League, co-founder Renault “Reggie” Robinson once noted that “seventy-five percent of all civilians killed in Chicago at the hands of law enforcement officers are black.” In 1974 when U.S. Congressman Ralph Metcalf called the CPD “rotten to the core,” Chicago held the second largest police force in the nation. In those days the city’s black population was 30% but only 15% of the CPD. There were 21 police districts but only 4 black commanders. Metcalf once stated that, “noted psychologists, who have been associated with the police department, testified that when a policeman failed in proving his psychological ability to be a policeman, he is placed within the black and brown communities where there is a high crime rate. At this point aggressive behavior is encouraged and rewarded.”

This hatred permeates the average American police force today. White cops in particular tend to act dismissive towards black cops. In 2007 when then acting top cop Dana Starks broke up the SOS (Special Operations Section) unit that was terrorizing parts of the black west side, including a public stand-off with black cops and charges of home invasion and kidnapping, members of that squad returned to the station and trashed the locker room before leaving the building. Good cops did nothing. The problem is that good cops are afraid to turn in bad cops. How afraid of Van Dyke is his partner and the other cops who stood there while he shot McDonald? Ditto for Officers George Hernandez and Dante Servin.

If there will ever be peace and balance in America it is imperative that we begin the sensitive task of discussing the origin of this propagated racial hatred against black people.


This hatred, in origin, was taught and sanctioned by what is allegedly the highest moral authority on Earth– “The Church.” The marriage of 15th Century Papal Bulls “authorizing” the enslavement of Africans with 17th & 18th Century ‘Monarchy created/Church-sanctioned’ “Christian Black Codes” instructing rule of African lives are the ideological pillars that institutionalized “the hate.” A big by-product of that institution is the historic origin of municipal policing which began with the financially lucrative Slave Patrols. This point of fact must be addressed globally by the Vatican and the heads of certain European royal families, all of whom have amassed incomprehensible wealth as culpable conspirators. Europeans and the House of Christianity turned African slavery into a global enterprise. That global enterprise has had ongoing effects, not the least of which is the bias against people of African descent held by white police officers of European descent. They are living ideological brotherhood of municipal law enforcement officers, in some families running several generations deep, some as far back as the slave patrols. Enslavement and slave patrols, as businesses, are but by-products of the hate. It is the hate that must be examined from its origin (or close to it).

In 1099 Pope Urban II (a Merovingian) launched a “Savages” propaganda campaign against Africans at the launch of the first Crusade. For the next 300+ years, no Pope (more than 50) ever reversed Pope Urban II’s propaganda against Africa. To the contrary, the scheme was enhanced, throughout the 15th Century in particular. This propaganda is the foundation of ‘the hate.’ In fact, with the exception of Pope Leo X (Giovanni de Medici), every Pope since Urban II turned a blind eye while Spain and Portugal began snatching Africans in the late 1390s for enslavement in Espanola under the ownership of Spain and later France when Espanola became Haiti (look at what happened to them). In 1418, Pope Martin V issued the Papal Bull authorizing a Crusade against Africa. In 1441 Pope Felix V issued the Papal Bull authorizing the Portugal slave trade. Pope Leo X (1513 – 1521) issued a Papal Bull against slavery, and got whacked. The ‘African-slave’ ‘business-alliance,’ arguably the most lucrative in world history, gave way to ‘The Black Code (Code Noir);‘ promulgated by Louis XIV in 168574 years after the first King James Bible was published and sold in London. The Black Code gave way to ‘The Christian Black Codes [1724], 54 Christian Protocols and Acts to Control Slaves. This is the official ‘program’ by which the mental enslavement process would be institutionalized. ” This is the mold from which the institutionalization of hatred against people of African descent is cast.

Let’s be clear, these documents, Papal Bulls and Christian Black Codes, are the literal “smoking guns.” They are the actual documents, by name, that identify, authorize, facilitate, and institutionalize the enslavement and continued oppression of African people and the descendants of African people around the world.

The Black Code

[Article 2: All the slaves who will be in our islands will be baptized and educated in the catholic, apostolic and roman church. Article 3: We forbid public exercise of other religion than the catholic, apostolic and roman one; want that the contravening persons be punished as rebels and disobeying persons to our commandments. Forbid any assembly for this reason, we declare those one as illicit and seditious subject to the same pain, which will be the same even for the masters who let this done by his slaves. Article 4: There will be no commander to direct the Negroes, who is not of the catholic, apostolic and roman religion…]

After Emancipation, black churches were born out the hatred among white church congregations: hence the need for the African Methodist Episcopal Church; the National Black Baptist Convention; Department of Black Catholics. All of these entities were established because white people [allegedly God fearing Christians] refused to worship and pray [allegedly to the same Merciful God] next to black people. As recently as 2012, two longtime black members of a white Baptist church in Mississippi were prohibited by the church’s hierarchy from holding their wedding in their own home church. So, you see, it really doesn’t matter what a racist does for a living– fireman, politician, judge, cook, clerk, education professional, or “man of God.” If hate is in the heart, it is the ‘heart-of-the-hatred’ that must be addressed. Training is not the issue.


In the past ten years alone, the City of Chicago has paid out more than half-a-billion dollars and counting to cover up the work of a brotherhood of protected hate-obsessed police officers with a veritable license to kill, tethered to a network of like-minded people who stand ready, willing and able to help cover it all up– all at Chicago taxpayer expense. Unfortunately history shows that nothing significant will likely come of the DOJ investigation beyond the anticipated official report, like so many “official reports” before it, not the least of which was the 1968 Kerner Commission report, chaired by Illinois Governor Otto Kerner, established by President Johnson on the heels of the 1967 race riots.


McCarthy is out, the fate of Alvarez and Emanuel are uncertain, and the black caucus continues to grip for having failed the populace miserably during 8 days in April. Meanwhile, national political candidates pimp the issue.

We are all culpable in the death of these people. It should never have taken the advent of social media for us to put on trial what we all know in our hearts has BEEN happening all along. For a every cop that claims, ‘people in the neighborhood are scared to turn in criminals,’ there is an equal claim that ‘good cops are scared to turn in rouge cops.’ That point mostly gets conveniently left out of the narrative.

Rahm got one thing right; this whole thing comes down to “what we are taught when we were children.” People have been taught their entire lives, for reasons unbeknown to most, ‘never to respect black people.’

The time is now at hand to ‘unteach’ that shit. For all concerns it’s the best thing we can do at this point.


*Nathan Thompson is a Chicago based freelance journalist. He can be reached at ‘




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